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Import Financing & Banking Services For Businesses Worldwide

Assisting you in every import procedure, we will provide you with the short-term credit you need to meet your market and production cycles, and help you with document preparation and delivery, raw material and service payments, and shipping guarantees.

Rochester Bank offers a wide range of import finance services. All these services are delivered by our experienced trade team that ensures your transactions are handled in the most efficient manner. We make it a point that you receive speedy and smooth import service without delay.

Manage Your Import Payment Cycle with our Help

We understand the challenges that lie in front of you as an importer. That is why we offer you a variety of import finance services. For instance, we provide you Buyers’ Credit, which is a loan taken by a buyer like you from overseas lenders like us. Being an international bank we are always ready to help you with the purchase of capital goods or services, so that your business flourishes and reach great heights of success.

Rochester Bank’s Buyer Credit

There are many benefits of availing our Buyer Credit import finance service. Some of these are:

  • You can get your import repayment period extended.
  • You can make the payment to your suppliers or the exporters on time.
  • You can handle your cash flow with respect to your business requirements.

What is Import Letters of Credit?

At Rochester Bank, we issue import letters of credit on your behalf. This gives you the advantage with the exporters and you receive the shipment of goods on time. The team of experts at Rochester Bank can help you prepare import Letter of Credit so that your suppliers meet your terms.

Import Collection Bill Services

The Import Collections require careful and accurate attention to several things, such as bills of exchange, stamping requirements on these bills, bills of lading and many other important documents. At Rochester, we work as a trusted third party for managing all the shipping documents and offer you intermediary services in order to facilitate trade settlement.

Arranging for Buyer’s Credit

In many cases, Rochester can also provide interest rate arbitrage opportunities. This way you can take advantage of lower interest rates in the overseas markets. We can also help you in many other indirect ways yet lawful ways.

Why Choose Rochester Bank's Import Finance Services?

Rochester Bank is an international trade finance services & business banking solution provider that works to offer best and customer-friendly services to the customers worldwide. We always strive to ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefit from our services which is hard to find not only in any other bank but also in any financial institution. Perhaps that is why we have a plethora of services to offer you. One such service is import finance services. If you are an importer or a buyer and want to get support from a bank financially so that your business doesn’t get stuck then you must get in touch with us. Our import finance services are impeccable and ensure you reach the zenith of success in your business.

International trade was never this easy for an importer as it is now with Rochester Bank. Support. In Malaysia, you can find innumerable banks that offer import services. However, not all understand the needs of the importers in a proper way as we do. Contact us now for more information related to Rochester Bank’s Import Services.

Why Choose Rochester Bank's Export Services ?

We will help your exports every step of the way – from arranging payments for raw materials and bridging finance to insuring your shipment when it arrives at its overseas destination. We will also provide authentication services in case you are uncertain about the creditworthiness of the issuing bank.

Inbound Fund Transfers.

Funds from overseas banks will be quickly deposited into your account via SWIFT Code. Transfer funds from any bank and local agencies around the world. Transfer via our Authorized Local Representatives. Funds can be collected in minutes via your account.

Outbound Fund Transfers.

Send funds via SWIFT Code quickly and conveniently at Rochester Bank branch providing international funds transfer service. Transfer funds via Rochester Online Banking at your convenience anywhere, anytime with special fees. Even if you do not have a bank account, you can transfer funds within minutes with Cash Funds Transfer Service via our Authorized representatives located worldwide.